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Breið offers a wide range of services for entrepreneurs and innovative companies. We rent out work space with access to a number of meeting rooms as well as having an elegant conference and event hall.

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Office rental

Private offices for individuals or companies for 4-6 people, suitable for anyone who wants a lively environment and good facilities. Access to elegant meeting rooms, kitchen and coffee facilities in a lively environment.

Meeting room

Our elegant meeting rooms are available for rent, but available are the meeting room Kría, which holds 8-10 people, and the meeting room Krummi, which holds 15-20 people.
Elegant meeting rooms with a view of Snæfellsjökull. Vision is richer in history. 

Coworking space

In our elegant co-working space, you can rent fixed or floating tables depending on your convenience. Adjacent to elegant meeting rooms, kitchen and coffee facilities in a lively and fun environment. 

Conferences and events

In addition to our meeting rooms, it is possible to hold larger events in the Breið innovation center for up to 100 people as well as in the famous Hafbjargarhús on Breiðinn. We are also collaborating with Bíohällina, Galito and Guðlaugu for those who want to take it all the way. 

Research space

Are you an entrepreneur and need a space to test your ideas further in first-class conditions for research and development in the life sciences. Then Breið is the innovation center. We offer an elegant space where you can rent the space that suits your research.
Access to a freezer, meeting rooms, kitchen, coffee facilities and floating desks is included. 

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