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Vesturland's Fab Lab workshop is located in Breið innovation center at Bárugata 8-10 in Akranes.

Open hours are on Wednesdays between 12:00 - 20:00. Appointments can be booked separately for individuals and groups via the email

Fab lab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a digital workshop with tools to make almost anything. The Fab Lab workshop gives individuals and companies the opportunity to train their creativity and turn ideas into reality.



Vesturland's Fab Lab is located in the Innovation Center on Breið in Akranes, a building that used to house HB Grandi's fish processing (now owned by Brims) and has a total of about 4,700 m2 of housing. 

With the operation of the digital workshop Fab Lab workshop Vesturland, the aim is to increase knowledge and interest in vocational and technical education in primary and secondary schools, increase general technical literacy, creative work and entrepreneurship. The goal of the project is to create a platform for the development and testing of ideas and thus enhance competitiveness in the local community.


Fab Lab workshop Vesturland is part of the collaboration network of Fab Lab workshops in Iceland and is also connected to the international network of Fab Lab workshops, the Fab Foundation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Fab Lab Ísland manages and leads the collaboration network of Fab Lab builders in Iceland. This collaboration platform is intended to ensure knowledge transfer and professional development of employees.

More information is provided by the directors of the Fab lab workshop in the following email:

Ármann Vilhjálmsson, s. 849-2927 /

Devices and software of Fab Lab Vesturlands can be seen below. It is the goal of the activity to increase
equipment option and thus offer a wider range of possibilities and activities.


You can find a variety of equipment in Vesturland's FabLab. Below you can see a list of the main devices available

Laser cutting machines

Milling machines

Fine milling machines

Vinyl cutter 

3D printers


Polycoating bench (baker's oven and spray booth)

Sewing machines

Metal engraving

Clothes press


The main software available at FabLab Vesturlands is

Teleconferencing equipment

Fusion 3D processing

Various computer programs, e.g.

Inkspace / Blender / Gimp / Sketchup / Tinkercad etc.

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